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M&E Best Fire Protection Los Angeles Company Service in Restaurant Exhaust Hoods Installation Tarzana Los Angeles. We one of the best fire protection companies in the Los Angeles area. We service over four thousand pleased customers in most of Southern California areas including Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. We believe in a long term business relationship, therefore, we pledge to deliver professional services performed by well trained, respectful, honest, and cordial team that would attend to any inquiry or service need. We Provides fire extinguisher service and hood fire suppression system (kitchen exhaust hoods, kitchen vent hoods). We have been designing installing and servicing fire protection systems in restaurants, buildings, condos, schools, hospitals, hotels, universities, ware houses. We are all about making sure you’re taking the best precautions for you, your coworkers and your business. It’s not too late to think ahead and prevent the unthinkable from happening. We have innovated Fire Suppression Solutions in the Los Angeles area for true added protection when you need to ensure the safety of your assets and your business. M&E Best Fire protection Los Angeles has been well known in the Los Angeles area and we have our trained professionals with the knowledge, skill and equipment that suits your company. Our company is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can answer any questions you have, nothing is too big or to small for us to handle. M&E Best Fire Protection is here to service you Night or Day, Rain or shine. Just give us a call at (888) 702-FIRE [(888) 702-3473] now! For Photo Album Click Here

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Kitchen/Restaurants Exhaust Hood System Cleaning

M&E Best Fire Protection is Professionals kitchen/ restaurants exhaust hood system cleaning Service Company. We are expert in Tarzana Hood Cleaning / Installation, exhaust system cleaning and repairing kitchen exhaust hood system. We have 15 years’ experience and will make sure of your safety 100%. Cleaning your hood system is very important and it reduces the risk of a fire in your kitchen, restaurant, home, hotels etc.

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•Restaurant Hood Cleaning / Hood Installation / Hood Repair In Tarzana

M&E Best Fire Protection provides the best Tarzana Restaurant and kitchen hood fire suppression systems that are required by law to be inspected, serviced, tested and certified at semi annual intervals. We always supply services and products that are high quality. M&E Best Fire Protection, Inc. is your source for Tarzana Kitchen Hood / Restaurant Fire Systems in the greater Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley areas. Your safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

•Restaurant Hood/Exhaust cleaning

The grease from cooking accumulates in hard to reach places of the hood, plenum, and ducts, and that grease is a fire hazard for it is combustible with high temperatures. Therefore, hood cleaning is recommended to be performed quarterly to ensure proper functioning of the fire system and to maintain the Health Department standard and as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) #96 in accordance with Table 11.3 Inspection of Exhaust System. We perform hood cleaning and exhaust cleaning with special equipment to remove grease from hard to reach places to leave your hood sparkling clean and not to mention free of grease combustion.








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Our Tarzana Hood Fire Suppression System & Fire Extinguishers experts provide planning, installation, maintenance, repair and testing for all types and brands of our fire protection equipment. Our technicians our licensed and certified to service Ansul, Pyro Chem, Protex II, Range Guard, Amerex, Buckeye fire system. We install, service, and repair automatic hood fire suppression system and industrial fire systems, according NFPA 96, 17&17A, and local authority having Jurisdiction. Pre-engineered fixed extinguishing systems also known as automatic extinguishing systems and/or fire suppression systems shall be serviced at least semi-annually and immediately after system activation according to OSFM Laws and Regulations for Automatic Extinguishing systems 2009 Edition Article 4 section 904. click here

Restaurant UL-300 Fire Suppression Systems Installation:

Today’s commercial cooking environments require the use of hotter burning vegetable oils. This, coupled with highly insulated, slow-cooling appliances have increased the difficulty of extinguishing fires in such kitchens. As a result, the California State Fire Marshal adopted the UL-300 2007 California Fire Code section 904.11 which requires that all existing dry-chemical and wet-chemical extinguishing systems shall comply with UL-300 no later than the second required servicing of the extinguishing system following the effective date of the regulation (January 1, 2008).

We are certified to service, repair, install and sell UL-300 restaurant automatic fire extinguishing systems. Experience is extremely important when choosing a company to install a fire system. Our company has been in business for over fifteen years servicing and installing fire suppression systems to several hotels, large chain restaurants, family owned restaurants, universities, and body shops. We have dealt with countless county, city, and fire department inspectors and our inspections aare guaranteed to be successfully passed within the accorded time frame. We install only the highest quality of kitchen hood fire suppression systems and we are certified installers of Pyro Chem, Protex II, Amerex, and Buckeye fire suppression systems.

Our Scope of Work Includes:

• Professional plans design and submission to the city for approval.
• Complete fire system installation upon plans approval.
• Electrical connection to micro-switch to shut off all electrical power that produce heat (light bulbs, receptacles, electrical switches under the hood, as well as the make-up air (swamp cooler) and/or fire alarm system, if provided) (NFPA 17A, 4.4.3. &
• Gas valve installation (if required).
• Fire Department final inspection.

We guarantee a professional and prompt culmination of the job so you may not lose any of your valuable business time. We guarantee high quality products with the most competitive prices on the market and a friendly staff that will accompany you with any inquiry from start to finish.

Indications to determine if your fire system is NOT UL-300 compliant:

• If your fire protection system is powder.
• If your fire protection system is wet chemical and was manufactured after November 21, 1994.
• The local enforcement authorities, fire department, insurance company, fire protection company, or other authority requires/recommends upgrading the system.

*If you are unsure if your fire suppression system is UL-300 compliant please contact us for a FREE consultation. 888-702-3473

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Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Tarzana

•Design, Installation, Recharge and Service/Maintenance
•Semi-Annual Maintenance Inspection
•Design and Installation
•Hydrostatic Testing
•Revisions and Repairs
•kitchen exhaust hoods
•kitchen vent hoods

Fire Extinguisher Tarzana

•Properly located and easily accessible
•Designed for the specific hazards in your facility
•Fully charged and ready for immediate use
•In compliance with national, state and local requirements
•Personal training of use of the extinguishers