Fire Extinguishers & Hood Fire System Accessories:

Portable/Manual Fire Extinguisher and Accessories:

Fire extinguishers service are required to be performed once a year by a licensed contractor. We sell, install, repair, and service portable fire extinguishers :
•Dry chemical multi-purpose ABC fire extinguishers, etc.
• Wet chemical, water, K-Class fire extinguisher, etc.
•Carbon dioxide, Halogenated type, etc.

M&E Best Fire Protection has safety fire extinguisher types and great fire extinguisher prices.
extinguishers cabinets and parts, hangers, fire axes, nozzle caps, break rods etc.

Contact us today to have an M&E Best Fire Protection service technician come and give you an estimate. We care about the safety of our customers. We will determine the types of fire risks you face and recommend the fire protection equipment and fire extinguisher services that will most effectively counter those risks. M&E Best Fire Protection Service, Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County areas.